Women's Safety + Violence Against Women & Girls webinar

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The purpose of this webinar is to inform individuals about violence against women and girls, clearly explaining the types of behaviours that are included in this definition, latest stats around sexual violence and current issues with the criminal justice system in this area.

We also cover women's safety, exploring the difference between perceptions and realities of safety, how safe men and women feel in different situations, the types of behaviours women adopt to keep themselves safe and how safety is gendered. This webinar includes information and awareness around victim-blaming, rape myth and false accusations, providing individuals with invaluable information and research around women's safety and male violence against women and girls in the U.K.

Please note, purchasing of this webinar is intended for one individual only. It must not be broadcast or reproduced. If you would like a multi-licence, please get in touch at karenwhybro@gmail.com