We partnered with Chelmsford City Council and Chelmsford For You (Chelmsford BID) to create a Women's Safety Charter and associated media campaign for the city. We undertook local research to identify key concerns for women and locations where safety was an issue. Using this research, we created a multi-use campaign, incorporating video, digital and printed materials as a whole toolkit for partners, businesses and organisations to use. Following a successful in-person launch, businesses and organisations had the chance to pledge to the Women's Safety Charter, committing to improving the experiences of women and creating a network of safe spaces across the city. Full training was then delivered to all committed businesses, on how to create and sustain a positive culture for women and challenge unwanted behaviour through an active bystander approach. 




I was delighted to be asked to help dating app, Bumble, run a campaign to make the act of cyberflashing (or digital flashing) a crime in 2021. This highly successful campaign saw wide-spread national media attention and I was featured in many interviews on and offline as well as my interview on This Morning. We were delighted that cyberflashing was included as an offence in its own right in the amended online safety bill, passed in parliament, in March 2022. However, the fight continues! We are now calling for cyberflashing (the act of sending sexually explicit images via airdrop or social media) is strengthened further by making it a CONSENT based crime. We believe that no consent equals a crime, just as physical flashing is. 

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