Karen Whybro Women's Safety Consultant
I am a women's safety consultant, offering a range of services to clients in a number of industries, including local authorities, police services and private businesses and organisations to create safe spaces for women in the public, at work and online.
From CPD training, consultancy for corporate social responsibility, advising on social marketing campaigns to parent workshops on keeping young people safe online and helping businesses develop positive cultures for women, I can offer assistance with academic rigour, expert guidance and honest, critical feedback.
In 2023, I began my PhD in The Role of the Night-Time Economy in reducing violence against women and girls at the University of Portsmouth. Researching under the marketing and business school, my area of focus is around how we can effect cultural and social change through social marketing. I have a specific interest in researching reactance of the public online, how we disrupt the rise of the "manosphere" and manage the challenge  of online extremist misogyny.